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At Earthsystems Hardscape, we take pride in the entire process of creating “elegant outdoor creations”. From the initial concept to design and build, you can expect an emphasis on quality craftsmanship and communication from all the professionals on the Earthsystems team.

Unlike living plants, hardscaping elements are not alive, so they require no water, mowing, pruning, sun, etc. In short, there is very little to no maintenance required for hardscapes.

When considering ways to enhance your property's value, curb appeal, and overall aesthetic charm, hardscaping emerges as a smart investment with a myriad of monetary benefits. Beyond the immediate visual appeal, well-designed hardscaping can significantly contribute to the financial value of your property.

Hardscaping can add a lot of value to your outdoor space. It can provide a low-maintenance solution for your landscaping needs, while also adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your property.

Our hardscape service specializes in designing and installing non-living landscaping elements like stone pathways, retaining walls, and patios to enhance your outdoor space.



Fix grade problems

An uneven lawn can create a lot of problems, from soil erosion to inaccessible areas. Adding a retaining wall can help prevent soil erosion and create a flat space for plants to grow. Adding a pathway or stairs can make the top or bottom of a steep slope more easily accessible. A patio can even out a slopped or bumpy area of your lawn.


Add privacy

A fence or stone wall can make your entire yard a private space. Or, if you like the open flow of your yard into your neighbor’s yard, you can add a gazebo or pergola to create a secluded area.


Expand your living space

Outdoor kitchens, patios, fire pits, and outdoor seating can create spaces for entertaining guests—or just spending time by yourself—when the weather is nice, instead of being confined to your living room.


Enhance your landscaping

Hardscaping creates unique textures that diversify your space and contrast with your plants. It also allows you to create focal points. Bonus: Hardscaping features don’t die in the winter.


Extend the usability of your yard

Fire pits, patios, and outdoor lighting ensure your yard is still accessible into the wee hours of the morning. Fire pits also mean you don’t have to abandon outdoor entertaining once it gets cold.


 Direct traffic

Paths and sidewalks send a clear signal to your guests where they’re supposed to walk so they don’t trample the grass you’ve spent so much time taking care of.


 Reduce maintenance

More hardscaping means less grass. Stones and concrete don’t need to be cut or watered, which means you can spend less time maintaining your landscaping and more time enjoying it.

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